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Office Cubicles With Noise Reduction

Office Cubicles With Noise Reduction

We face a different kind of pollution in today's world. While it doesn't seem to be as critical as air or water pollution, noise pollution is ea big problem. Unfortunately, there is not much awareness about this issue, and laws to control noise pollution are few and far between. A quiet and peaceful home, office, classroom, and even streets are our basic rights. Building quiet, peaceful, and effective living spaces, learning and working environments is in the public interest and we should all work towards that goal.

MAiSPACE, the leader in the systems furniture industry, has been a staunch supporter of adopting strict acoustical standards... We know that offices can be either quiet or noisy by design, and the mostly cited complaint in today's offices is noise. The working environment is already stressful and pressure-packed. Additional irritants, such as the noise from outside traffic, the roar of a jet plane, the rumble of poorly designed air conditioning or heating system or your adjacent colleague can be very annoying and frustrating when working on a deadline. A new survey has found that the stress of the modern workplace has increasingly induced outbursts, particularly among women angered by such ambient disturbances. The survey, conducted by a recruitment agency and based on a poll of 450 office workers across Britain, found that 51 percent of woman and 39 percent of men had come close to punching a colleague, all due to the stress of ambient noise

Noise Reduction

Working in a big office with over thirty cubicles full of people, noise can be not only disturbing but deafening. You get 30 different voices inside your head at once, challenging your sanity; not an optimum working environment. You might consider getting head phones or ear plugs. Ear plugs can be a solution, but what about when you talk on the phone. Earplugs are terrific when you are in the library writing term papers, doing research but not in the office. In the right working environment you should not need ear plugs. To live and work in a noise free environment is our basic right. Quieting an office can be challenging, but at MAiSPACE we invest in this type of noise-limiting technology. For more than fifteen years, we have met the highest acoustical standards through our design and construction of office cubicles.

Our office cubicles satisfy two most important criteria for good hearing in any setting: A quiet background and control of self-noise. Over the years, industries such as pharmaceuticals, banking, automotive, consultancy as well as research organizations, libraries and schools have relied on MAiSPACE for the manufacturing, design and installation of modular acoustical panels and office cubicles. We have been providing the state of the art noise control systems and acoustic panels since 1998. Our modular panels and movable walls are designed to effectively control self and background noise in any kind of environment.

Movable wall systems are a key element to worker satisfaction and productivity, says Mark Bassil, co-founder and vice president of MAiSPACE. "MAiSPACE movable full-wall systems, for example, solve the privacy and noise issues necessary for thinking but when combined with low-sound-transmission glass panels accomplish this without imparting a feeling of isolation. Properly constructed and installed they provide up to a 39 - 42 STC (sound transmission coefficient) rating." Because they are installed primarily to meet the privacy and productivity needs of task-intensive workers, movable wall systems incorporate standards-compliant cable management systems for voice, data, Internet and video requirements as well as for electrical requirements.

We also know how annoying it could be to hear squeaky chairs or cabinet walls. "Normal wear and tear can cause poorly finished systems to quickly lose their luster. MAiSPACE addresses this with superior quality fabrics, baked on painted finishes and thermoformed membrane technology for wood-toned panels and work surfaces. These are among the reasons why we offer a lifetime guarantee and obsolescence guarantee across the product line" says M.D. Kim who heads up all operations at its Mt Olive, NJ headquarters.

MAiSPACE revolutionized the contract furniture industry by offering superior quality modular office systems at price points averaging 40% below some of the oldest names in the business. "Unencumbered by outdated manufacturing techniques, we're able to completely furnish offices of any size at prices from $12 - $15 per square foot installed," Bassil reports. "This includes full wall private offices and conference rooms integrated with open office elements."

Not only do our cubicles improve room acoustics, they also enhance the aesthetics of today's offices with their unique textured surface and three-dimensional design. Our philosophy at MAiSPACE is the reduction of noise pollution at its source. Noise free working environment is our right, and at MAiSPACE, we are always searching for effective ways to contribute to peace and quiet not in the office space but in the world.


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