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Office Cubicle Pricing and Effects


Today more and more companies are reconsidering office cubicles in interior office design. Cubicles allow you change your office layout as many times as you wish. You can go for an open plan office; office space divided by movable partitions or you can opt for a bullpen style office, the one with open office areas with no partitions. But most importantly office cubicles provide facility cost savings. Office cubicles are undoubtedly the most desirable furniture systems as such they allow businesses to get the most out of their investment.

How much does a cubicle cost? Office interior design is not a question of cost, but office furniture is a major investment that you can not take very lightly. MAiSPACE offers the best value among its competitors for high quality office furnishings at a remarkable consumer cost of only $15 per square foot... INSTALLED!

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Having established a proven business model on the east coast, MAiSPACE recently teamed up with Final Assembly, a warehousing and installation firm in California. Taking Final Assembly's existing 1,500 sq. ft of office space and expanding it to a "warm shell" of 3,500 square feet came at a cost of $50,000. MAiSPACE retained 3 existing private offices, with the exception of a built-in "storefront" including a door, sidelight, and clear-story. The rest of the space includes 3 floor-to-ceiling workstations, 13 various size partial height workstations, plus seating, tables, conference room and reception station, which highlights the versatility of the product.

As in the example of Final Assembly, change is part of our everyday life, and we need to be able to adapt to advances in technology, fluctuations in the economy and growing needs of our businesses. Companies must be aware that alterations (work required to adjust interior arrangements or other physical characteristics of an existing facility to meet changing needs) may be required at some point. According to International Facility Management Association's recent data, changing office layouts that include changes to power, data, and cabling range from $200 for simple changes or to $600 for extra circuits and receptacles. Perhaps even more important and mostly overlooked are the "soft costs" associated with downtime (lost productivity because workers have no access to networks) and the additional costs of reconfiguring after hours or on weekends when premium labor rates are in effect. Typically, the costs per drop (bringing two or three cables into a single workstation) are an additional $300 to $450, and this is only for data cabling; usually electrical is at an additional cost.

Systems panels that are perpendicular to spine walls and form office spaces are moved, on average, once a year, while movable walls that enclose team rooms or departments are moved once every one or two years. Full-height drywall construction for team space perimeters, spine walls, and team/department enclosing walls is changed once every two to three years. Drywall changes take the most time to accomplish, and while those changes are made least often, they are the most costly-$100 to $200 per finished linear foot with cable installed.

Construction moves, which involve, new walls, new or additional wiring, new telecommunication systems are no easy tasks. However, with modular office furniture you can reduce downtime and major installation costs. With MAiSPACE's modular office furniture, reconfiguration is no longer a hassle and a burden on your business. Floor layouts can be changed at a fraction of time, because power and cabling can be quickly relocated. Knockdown ready-to-assemble frames, off-module design and stackable/de-stackable panels simplify locating walls, bins, shelves and divider panels to create spaces in harmony with work being performed or support a wholesale job change; without damaging carpeting or ceilings.

As well as being built to last, MAiSPACE office cubicles are flexible, technology-ready, ergonomic, stylish and comfortable. MAiSPACE offers office furniture systems that are designed to adapt and meet your growing needs.


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