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Most Comfortable Office Chairs

Most Comfortable Office Chairs

Office chairs can make all the difference in the world in a person's productivity, yet so many office chairs are quite uncomfortable. It seems clear many office chairs are not as comfortable as people need, as evidenced by worker complaints, as well as add-ons people must buy to make chairs conform to their specific comfort needs, like back support, foot rests for poorly adjusted chairs and similar. Some fabrics are simply so unpleasant people are forced to toss blankets or throws over them.

The most comfortable office chairs, while they may vary greatly in appearance, all have some basic points in common. One of the best indicators as to a chair's potential comfort is adjustability. Being able to customize chair height is key, as it provides leg comfort and better back support and ensures a worker's feet can sit firmly on the floor. Adjustable arms ensure the ability to sit and type comfortably regardless of one's height. Tilt and tension control are also key to leg and back comfort.

Some chairs have added features to provide comfort. Padded neck rests, as well as lumbar padding, provide excellent support. Padded armrests may seem like an extravagance but the added comfort features may be worth it. Thicker padding on a chair can also affect back support, the extra padding conforming to back contours when sitting. However, the amount of padding a chair has is a variable issue, as some people may find less padding more comfortable. However, the sort padding used in chair construction can lead to extra durability, so adequate padding is key for comfort as well as a chair that lasts.

Most office chairs are supported by a five-prong base that swivel atop five castor wheels. Most desk jobs need a chair that moves easily, and the better the swivel mechanism, the more comfortable the chair will be. Additionally, the wheels need to be well set, able to turn easily and durable, as being able to move by wheel across the length of the average office cube helps when a worker may need to consult multiple computer screens or move from one end of a desk to the other in order to answer a phone..

The sorts of materials that the chair is made of can also make a big difference in how comfortable the chair is. As anyone who has been in a waiting room chair with wooden arms, little padding and slick or scratchy upholstery can attest, a chair made of bad materials is a distracting, painful experience. While the thickness of the padding means different comfort levels to different people, the density of the foam makes a difference in the comfort level. Dense foam supports better regardless of its thickness. Plush, softer fabrics are of course going to be more comfortable than slick, scratchy or thin fabrics. Leather chairs made of softer skins will breathe better and conform to the seated body better than stiffer skins. Additionally, mesh-backed chairs offer a lot of breathability, though as a rule the lack of construction on mesh-backed chairs can reduce the amount of lumbar and neck support.


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