Sustainable Design

MAI is committed to the environment with a determined mandate that extends throughout all facets of our operations. We recognize our environmental and social responsibility with our cost-efficient, energy saving line of products.

Indoor Air Emission Standards

Our products are GREENGUARD® certified, which means that they meet the stringent GREENGUARD® Emission Standards for indoor air quality. Therefore, our materials and finishes contain no toxic materials or release dangerous gases into the air, helping to improve productivity and prevent sick building syndrome. MAI also meets the requirements for maximum formaldehyde air emissions of both Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Sustainable Product

All MAI products including the steel frames are recyclable. And our panel fabrics are available in recyclable Eco Intelligence® polyester, a new standard for textile sustainability. We also partner with the leaders of green practices in the textile industry. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has accepted Guilford of Maine, one of our main fabric suppliers, into the National Environmental Achievement Track Program recognizing the company for modeling the way to environmental excellence.

Life Cycle Cost Factors

Determining the best value of furniture purchases calls for balancing the initial investment with lifetime costs associated with churn or moves, adds and changes (MACs). Current industry statistics report that the average turnover rate for most companies is 45% per year but can go as high as 200%! Our products are intelligently designed to allow you to make changes with speed, less disruptions and fewer parts than any other product on the market. And our quality construction keeps the system functional and beautiful. That equals cost savings not only in the short term but also exceptional value for the life of the product.

Recycled Content*

MAI adheres to a material conservation philosophy where materials are perpetually circulated in closed loops to maximize value without damaging ecosystems. In fact, our framing is constructed of recycled steel, and our patented, plug-and-play voice, data and power cabling systems are reusable for future changes. Our acoustical panels are filled with 100% post-consumer P.E.T., made from recycled plastic bottles eliminating all fiberglass content from our products.** Here is a chart that specifies the full contents of tackable acoustical panel:

Material % By Weight Recycled Content End of Life Management
Steel 79% 30% Post-Consumer Recycle
Fabric 8% Up to 100% Post-Consumer Recycle where possible
Polyester Wool (PET) 11% 100% Post-Consumer Recycle
Misc. 2% N/A N/A
Corrugated Packaging N/A 74% Average Recycle

Life Cycle Cost Factors

MAI uses recyclable packaging materials, and offer bulk to divert excessive waste from ending up in landfills. We also implement carton-less techniques and minimal packaging on truckload orders. We have also reduced our carbon footprint by shipping completed orders directly to the job site and by-passing the installer’s warehouse to eliminate double and sometimes, even triple handling. In addition to protecting the environment from unnecessary packing materials, these packaging methods reduce the cost of de-trashing the office space and facilitate installation through less clutter.

* MAI complies with the Federal Trade Commission part 260 Guide for the fair use of Environmental Marketing Claims. Product recyclability depends on local recycling program.
** American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) TLV-TWA, 1 fiber/cc, A3, confirmed animal carcinogen with unknown relevance to humans.